Airport security took issue with me being padded while leaving Schiphol today. Had to stand in a room with my trousers around my ankles for fifteen minutes while three security (and a supervisor) checked out my printed nappy. While I didn’t understand what they said in Dutch I did pickup on “pampers” a few times. While embarrassing and annoying it was pretty funny. The supervisor was friendly and apologised when they let me go though 🤷‍♂️

Apart from that, I had a great time in Amsterdam and at Club Luier. Made lots of new friends and got a new rubber duck! 🦆

@james Thats always been one of my fears of flying while padded. Did that airport have the new fancy scanners or the regular metal detectors?

@paddedlittleboy they were using the backscatter ones which do pickup wet areas. But last time it was the same, they did a pat down saw the top of the nappy and it wasn’t an issue

@james Interesting. I'd have imagined that by now they'd be used to seeing printed nappies! Maybe they were just curious?

@james oh noes! I had the complete opposite experience. They didn’t even notice my padding. Are you sure you weren’t wet though? They can pick that up! Glad you got through ok though...

@Littleivo maybe, but when I went through the same security last time they did the additional pat down and didn’t have an issue. I guess it depends who you get.

@james hmm, maybe you were just unlucky. Was it a particularly baby-ish printed nappy or could you at least claim it was a childish one?

@james no way!! That’d be really embarrassing! That’s why I’m always scared to go through security wearing. I usually diaper up in the bathroom once past security.

@babyt93 @james They are only worried about illegal stuff. I don't think up want to wear a printed nappy through but I medical type one is fine. If you are incontinent then you're incontinent and that's all they need to be told.

@lilbouncyboy of course, and ultimately that was my argument, but because I didn't have a doctors note they didn't seem to believe me. From what they said, even if I did they would have to do a private screening anyway 🤷

@james private screening maybe but I don't know why they need to take issue with it. Oh well at the end of the day they'll end up satisfied you are not breaking the law. I have heard that the gel in disposables looks suspect on the scanners but only if the nappy is wet.

@james OMG... 😳 😬 That's quite an experience. I can image you were embarrased standing there in front of all those people. Hopefully the rest of the return trip was without incidents?

😯 Where did you find all these retro robots?? 🤩

I hope you had a safe flight back! I would be so embarassed if it was me.(Luckily it never happened) But I still risk it now and then. What can I say? 🧳🤷‍♀️✈

BUT Club luier was awesome! I hope you had a great time there too 🌈🌈 (I believe we didn't talk😅)

@james the first picture I see with you in diapers. As the creator here I was thinking you were a caregiver. But you are really cute in those.

@BabyElk right? I’d definitely be down for more pics from @james. I feel like we don’t really know him yet.

@james Wow, that must have been an experience 😱 , never heard of that happening at schiphol before. Maybe they were training new guys and reeeaaaly needed a test subject/victim? 😏😅 Goodto hear you made it back safely though, with all the new faces I did not get too meet you but let's make that one for next time! ^^

@james it's sad this happened to you :( every little boy like you need help not this kind of trouble.
Cheers to you and big hugs

@james damn you’re brave! That sounds like my idea of a nightmare!

Hey james, remember to always change before going trough security. Im incontinent and always do that, and never had any problems. And dont wear a onesie with too much metal stuff on it. I hope youl never have to go again trough this.
Have good week😊

@james there was a situation just like this after the party in berlin last year. The guy was stripped down to his nappy and asking 100 questions about it all when he was flying back home xD I think I could deal with that but its all such a waste of time i could be spending at over priced airport stuff!

@james I've tried similar thing, happened in Manila, and after passing the metal detector, they noticed my bulge, and called one of the male security officers to pat my area specifically. After I said it was diapers they let me go. Embarrassing to be pat down like that in public!

@Tbdltimmy I’ve had the additional pat down before, and once they realised what I was wearing they just let me go on without saying anything. But this time after he asked what I was wearing he said they would have to do the additional check (luckily in private lol) 😳

@james Wow. At least they apalogized... I guess.

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