Fun fact.. 9 users block me 😢

@james that is not a fun fact 😟. I think you are using the word "fun" wrong.

@james I’m sorry James! 😔 But hey, there’s lots and lots of users who DON’T block you, and think you’re a pretty cool kiddo! 😉

@james Nooooo, after all you've done that's so mean of them. They're missing out.

Why would anyone block you hugs and cheers for you. 🎆🎇🤗

@james well I kind of think that they should not block the admin and founder of the platform they are using. I'm sure you have the power to boot them out of

@james no way, that sucks !!! 😳 but perhaps they are still suffering from some kind of @staff tumblr purge PTSD? 🤪

@james why? cause you technically made this XD

@james Hey, you’re really amazing for working tirelessly and setting up this place for us all to be our selves in and you really deserve endless love and gratitude for it! 🤗 Don’t let those nine ignorants outshine everyone else - I’m not sure - like +8000 more or less who follow and cheers for you!! 🎉 Just continue and keep up your amazing work, mate! 😊❤️

@musicinmyarteries @james Really odd. That makes no sense after all that you do for this community. 🤔

(daydreams) 🤔Someday, when 100 people block me, I'll have a celebration. I'll upload an extra special video for ALL the people who can't see it 😜

@james Hey... don’t let it get to you... stay focused on the positive things and the people on here who are grateful for everything that you’ve done!
I think that you’ve a pretty cool baby 😎

@james How rude! 🙄 Wel i have to admit, if you’re blocking people, it’s a weird way to “play with blocks” 🤔🤭

@james Maybe you're too sexy for them? Jealousy is an ugly emotion :)

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