Testing push notifications on mobile. Can someone reply to this? 😀


Thanks everyone haha, looks like push notifications aren't working properly 🙁 something to look into later!

erm... push notifications as in...? the web? apps?

@diaperxberg just the mobile apps, ones that notify you when the app is closed.

but i already get push notifications 🤷🏻‍♂️
what are you implementing?

@diaperxberg interesting. I haven't used Mastalab as I don't have an Android phone to test on currently. But I have had a couple of reports from other users saying they aren't getting them on various apps.

Some apps implement it differently which makes it trickier to know whether it's an app issue or something my side.

@james I am using Toot! And they seems to works for me. Do you use an other app ?

@james I have received a notification about you liking this toot

@BakaOmutsu I haven’t tried that one yet, just downloaded it 😀 I usually test with Mast or Amaroq on iOS. But again you’re on a different instance so your notifications come from different severs.

@james I can understand that, but my instance is completely vanilla, no modifications, no specific ports opened, or no specific configuration set to enable anything

@BakaOmutsu I’m getting notifications now using Toot!

@james Great success ! I know that it is not free, but I think this is the best application on iOS today.

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