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We now have a Patreon if anyone wants to help with the operating costs of running the instance πŸ˜€

I'm not desperately needing money right now to keep things running, but as we grow the monthly costs will increase.

I also had a couple of users ask previously if we had one so now seems like a good time to start πŸ˜€

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My GoFundMe passed the halfway mark overnight after only 8 hours! Thank you all for sharing the link and/or donating. I'm very humbled by all of the support coming from the community

Anyone else watch Hilda? Only a couple of episodes in so far. I love Twig, Hilda's pet the deer-fox πŸ˜€

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Look which little boy just filled up his star chart! Proud of you, @james πŸ‘ ⭐⭐⭐

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For a while now I’ve been wanting to write a reflection of my last year in the little world.

In short it’s been amazing!
I’ve met so many new friends (way too many to mention them all here, but you know who you are!), travelled all over Europe, improved my confidence massively, explored my sexuality, learned how to tell a story, joined so many platforms, and so much more.
To anyone wondering about getting started in the little world, or going to an event, I’d definitely recommend doing it!

Apart from that, I had a great time in Amsterdam and at Club Luier. Made lots of new friends and got a new rubber duck! πŸ¦†

Airport security took issue with me being padded while leaving Schiphol today. Had to stand in a room with my trousers around my ankles for fifteen minutes while three security (and a supervisor) checked out my printed nappy. While I didn’t understand what they said in Dutch I did pickup on β€œpampers” a few times. While embarrassing and annoying it was pretty funny. The supervisor was friendly and apologised when they let me go though πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

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So here’s a little update about my visit at the ABDL Munch in Amsterdam, in one word:


I finally got to meet other littles and very sweet daddies! I got to see @Littleivo @Andy @overalls9050 @amsterdad @Dutchbabyboy @diaperheroes @spacetiger and many more, i even had some playtime with @james. One thing for sure.. i will be back!!

Maybe next time i better got my diapee changed before going home. I was drenched by the time i arrived.. and no, it wasn’t just the rain 🀭 :diaper_wet:

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Take a look at what arrived for me. It is the diapers I won thanks to the Diaper Give Away (EU) 🀩

I had chosen the Rearz Safari because in my opinion these are one of the best kind of ABDl diapers out there. Not only of how they look, but also the absorption and the fit are prefect. πŸ€“

I want to thank @james agian for selecting me as the winner. And special thanks to @diaperheroes
for organizing this competition and for the quick and discreet shipping. πŸ‘

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A lot of people have asked for a single column web theme. While this is something I want to add as a theme, it's going to take some time/work.

In the meantime I'm hosting Pinafore, which is an alternative web client for Mastodon, you can find it and use it here: media/uploads cost Show more

Fun fact.. 9 users block me 😒

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And the diaper giveaway winner is...

@Little_J94 πŸŽ‰

Thanks again to @diaperheroes for allowing me to giveaway some diapers. They stock loads and ship to Belgium, Netherlands, France and Germany :nappy:

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