I wasn't feeling well today, I'm cold and still have a runny nose. I'm drinking lots of liquids. I just put on a fresh nappy and my Fox 🦊 footed pjs, those should keep me nice, warm and comfy 🚼 🛌 😴

@support i have selecte "Opt-out of search engine indexing" But on Google I stil have an link to one of my tootz

@support i have an problem with the site, scrolling doesn't work. I'm on android chrome, I have restarted my phone and cleard the cash. It did not help

Uhhh got a box 📦 with some very exciting and a bit scary stuff.... *blush*
Guess all i need is a daddy to play with :diaper_wet: :dummy: :gay_furr:

Yay weekend! :partyparrot: 🎉

Little boy mode activated!
Adult mod deactivated for 48 hours…. (I think, maybe not. )

In a fresh diaper, i hoops that It stays dry/clean. But I’m always called little stinker before a change, and i don’t know why.


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