Wow, can’t believe there are now over 900 of you following my profile! Thank you for your support! I love sharing my little side with you and will hopefully get to explore and show you more over the next year! Would love to hear from you all as sometimes I feel I could contribute a lot more on here! Anyway, have a great week! Peace ✌️

The day I took @abenjaminbutton to the zoo... It was a day outing, we had to change him at some point.


Gonna try to be more active within the community. Nice to meet you all! Found this oldie from diaperkingdom days. Same kinky boy just more tattoos now 😋

🤭 I can't believe it's already been a whole year since hiking a mountain in Norway with @Vikingdrengen! 🏔️

Raining outside and cold. A good day to play with the camera on my phone.

I call this picture, "Seeing Double."

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