I'm back!!! Gonna be posting again more frequently. Sorry I been gone. I was focusing on Instagram but I'm back and will be posting to both accounts.

Dry 24/7s are perfect for big boys who still need some protection at night.

Seven of us around a table at a lakefront BBQ mostly just in diapers - how lucky I am to have discovered this amazing group?? w/ @tomtom, @Aboimikey, @sexydiaperjock, and LilAdamBoi. Missing but coming soon: @NYkidd1990 & LilBroTyTy. All of the pics are up at www.whyABDL.com/boat.

🧐 “Alright little PokéMaster show me that you’re ready for bed...”

"Awwww, you’ll be a Pokémon trainer who is also potty TRAINED soon enough. Sweet dreams little boy.” 💤

🚗 😴 "Wake up sleepy boy!"


"Get all your books and toys and... oh maybe later. It looks like someone needs a change ASAP." :diaper_wet: 🤔

Just a diaper boy in the woods. Good thing I won’t have to worry about finding a potty out here!

"You know very well you cannot get a change until your diapers come in the mail! Daddy didn't know you would piddle through your diapers so quickly, so I need you to wait out on the porch for the mailman so you don't leak in the house lil' boy."

It's also my birthday you guys!! 🍰 🎈 🎉

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