Dampious diaperious ! 

Feeling fancy again! I really love the contrast of formal wear and . Not such a big guy after all!

Driving in the summer:
windows? down
pants? off
diaper? wet

📚 "Can you help me with these big words, I want to know what happens next." 😟

🤔 "I can tell you what's going to happen to that wet diaper if we don't get you out of it, immediately." :diaper_wet:

✉️ Dear @amsterdad,

🛶 My first day of summer camp is off to a great start! Silly me forgot to pack my underwear, but luckily I made some new friends from the bedwetters cabin who were happy to give me some of their "special underwear." Beggars can't be choosers I guess! 🦆

Happy Baby 👶🏻 🚼

Throwback Pictures #125

A little rascal in little rascals 

Appropriately dressed :-) 

Boy in a barebum 

🌄 It's finally warm enough for little scouts to play outside! Don't forget to bring sunscreen, bug spray, and a few backups for the inevitable diaper change. 🏕️ w/ @montuur & @Dutchbabyboy

😮 Has your baby boy outgrown his changing table? Luckily this Swedish furniture store has a "skötbord" just for him. *some adult supervised assembly required. 🛠️ 🍼

The deal was 5️⃣ dry nights in pull-ups... Well it's the first night and I'm glad we held onto your regular diapers. Now hop up on that changing table little man.

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