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This video is not me, it's Brizy Comics. But it is one of my favorite videos and one of the things that inspired me to get into comedy and # humiliation hypnosis. Watch lil joshy throw his paci πŸ˜‚

Who wants to be hypnotized and humiliated like this? Let me know.

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For the best results you need:
- Privacy (a time when you won't worry about getting distracted)
- A webcam/phone cam (so I can see how you're responding - you'd see me too! I never record!)
- Headphones (so you can hear me clearly)
- Padding if wetting (unless you want to wet your pants 😈)

Popular scenes are:

I'm mostly into it for the "wow" reactions I get from guys :)

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The most important thing to get as a baby after lockdown is new toyyyyyyys😍

Anyone want to be hypnotized and regressed or humiliated over a Skype call?

Morning, kiddos!
Also, since I woke dry and don't want to waste padding, I decided to go to uni like this ^^

P.s. waddling like the fox on the box art of the pack xd

8th style My little bear
I love having toys, especially when I am in the rolplay I like to use baby toys, I feel like a baby playing with my toys, I also wanted to put a diaper because I thought it would look cute :baby_dummy: 🐻

Changies time for my little cub @james. Think we've got everything we need here. Plus a couple of extras to make sure you're a good boy for Daddy today...

Happy Christmas kiddos! Thanks to my favs for an incredible year; roll on 2020 and Cap!! πŸ’šπŸŽ„πŸŽ

Throwback to being punished and made to sit by an open window in just my diaper. Nobody noticed... I think :P

😘 Thanks @Ababyboy and @diaperminister for the early birthday present! Now... if I could just explain. :baby_dummy:

Anyone want to get hypnotized tonight or later this week? Let me know.

Changed myself at school ^^
You know, it is funny when diapers stop feeling weird and being padded feels the same as having normal underwear. That is a little achievement :)

P.s. did you know that you can check out if a little is wet/messy by maxing out saturation on a pic?
All the stains become very visible :)
Example included.

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