Fresh nappy after accidentally messing my already soaked Goodnites. I could not sit until now. ​:nappy:

Me in my Megamaxx nappy right now and earlier last night in my Goodnites. The megamaxx has Better mornings than the Goodnites!;)

Been awhile since been on here! Also am still trying to fig this out. Really don’t wanna adult today!

Me on Right and little Bro left happy 3 years since finding my little bro! So thankful for each other!

First time trying Cuddlz! I also tried Bright Dayz by them which I enjoyed more than the All Over one pictured. Cute but seemed cheaply made as far as the plastic goes. 🤔 is a community-led microblogging platform. We’re part of a decentralised federated social network, based on the open-source Mastodon project. is hosted on our own servers and supported by our patrons – we don’t sell your personal data or have ads.