Controversial opinion, but I'm not sure I see the appeal of hook and loop diapers. I find they come off during sleep unless I wear a cover, and the front panel feels scratchy against skin. Give me a plastic landing strip instead

Which "hook and loop diapers" do you mean?
Baby-Diapers like Pampers or some special for adult size?

Maybe it is easier for the discussion when you say about which diaper you talk.

@gerDL hook and loop = velcro. Instead of sticky tapes. There are too many to list πŸ˜† I think everything Tykables makes. ABU DinoRawrZ, BunnyHopps, etc..


Many cotton feel diapers like the Abriform M1-4 or the DeltaForm M2 use such Velcro tapes. As you say, the Tykables to.
I didn't had ever problems with these diapers.

On the contrary. In diapers with foil like the Crinklz, the foil tears as soon as you want to open or correct the sticky tapes.

The DeltaForm M2 is my allround diaper.

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@gerDL ah yeah. Not a fan of cotton feel or Crinklz, only like the ones which have a proper plastic landing strip. This is why I asked honestly, I knew some people would have a different opinion to me! :)

I wear all three types of closings, but I know the disadvantages of pure foil like on the Crinklz.

@gerDL actually this is a another controversial opinion of mine.. I hate the plastic they use, I don't like how it feels at all, and yeah it rips when you take the tabs off which is even worse

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