Hello all you beautiful people! Hope you're having a great day ❤️ I'm not padded, sadly, as it's way to hot... But hey, it's summer, if it has to be hot, this is the time 😂 Let it be, and I'll be a little without a diapee today. Just cuddling my plushies and resting after another wild week.

Feeling tired today, it was a really hectic week... So I took a shower, put on my Abena L3, dressed myself and went to McD to get a breakfast and coffee. It's a day to spoil myself ❤️

diaper, leaking 

I really like pullups. They're quite cute and make me feel little, plus they make me feel protected when I'm not feeling well. However, I wondered how reliable they can be with a bigger wetting. And of course, not so much... It can hold it, but the moment you push it any further, it just leaks _everywhere_ 😳

If you want something cute today, "Cupcake" is an adorable short comic that's sure to make you feel happy 😊 ❤️ furaffinity.net/view/33451544

I have to pad up tonight... I've got really upset stomach 😟

I think I need someone to help me with my diapers... Because I put one backwards 😂
I was already padded and wet and decided to double up. So I took another nappy and did cuts in the first one so it can soak through. Of course I didn't want the padding inside to go away, so I grabbed my other diaper, put it up, leaned against the wall and... It was backwards. Decided it's not worth to fuss on with it and just taped it as it was 😂

How are you doing sweethearts? ❤️ I'm a little tired, but I've been padded since yesterday ❤️ Just padded, without using, I just want to chill, relax and be little today.
Wanted to take some photos, but none came out really nice. It's hard to take them with a small tripod and no help

Second voting day, big responsibility, so I put on my big boy pants again 😊 See? Actual big boy pants this time!

Just kidding. Of course I changed into a clean diaper! I don't want everyone in the polling station being able to smell me 😂

How are you doing all you wonderful pups? ❤️ I'm really tired, the weather just makes me want to sleep... I woke up, padded and ate breakfast, so I can easily go back to bed for a nap 😂

Do foxes wear collars? Because I may or may not have one 😊

You know what's good? White chocolate. I know it's not the best for you, I know some won't even consider it chocolate... But it's so good! 😂 One of my favourite sweets 😋

Hello everyone, how are you doing today? I'm kinda iffy, I planned to get padded today, but I don't know... I don't feel to bad, but on the other hand I'd just like to go to sleep and wake up very, very late

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My plushies keep me warm in the night ...

They comfort me, when I feel bad ...

Sometimes they tease me about my bulgy onesies ...

And they check, if I need a change ...

You are the best🤗

I did a big thing today! Because it's election day today I went and voted 😄 And of course, doing a big boy thing I went and got my fancy shirt and special big boy pants! Well... Except that I run out 😅 But I still had big girl pants so I used those instead ❤️ And I went to get ice cream as a reward, so it's been very nice ❤️

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I woke up having to go potty really bad but I didn't make it in time. 🥺 I couldn't get the tapes off they were too tight >.< From soggy to messy in 5 seconds 😅

Nappy update! I forgot how good double padding is 😊 I used it lots and lots and no leaks, not to mention how great it feels to have this big, soaky diaper between my legs 😊 But alas, everything good has to end! (Also, sorry for that red line on my tummy, I was sitting really close to my desk and didn't even realise 😂 Well, I guess that's a joy of being chubby 😊)

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Morning everyone 🤗 I hope you slept well and your day started nice ❤️ My tummy is upset again and I almost didn't make it to the potty 😳 But it all ended okay, and my double padding still has some way to go, even though it's a little full already 😝

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