Diaper change at school today. Had a little dirty accident in my drynites, so had to change into something more protective. Think anyone will notice?

I did a road trip all by myself today, and went padded 😇 Old enough to drive a car, but not old enough to keep my diaper dry and clean🤪

Me in my morning . I'm actually not sure how well you can tell, but I feel like I wet a lot!

These things are very comfortable and have some of the best non-clumping absorbent material I have seen outside of baby/kid's bedwetting . As you wet, they mold almost perfectly around your so when you first start trying them, I can about guarantee you will wake up with some of the biggest raging -know-whats that you can get 😅

I was just enjoying playing some video games and hanging out in my when all the sudden...I couldn't stop!

Went on quite a long trip by train today, so thought I might have some fun at the same time🙈 Made a poopie, and also got a bit wet

Went to a party yesterday, and when I got home I put on a drynite since I usually wet the bed when I’m drunk. Didn’t help much, my bed was wet when I woke up. Anyways, here are some pics of me this morning:-)

I wore a Drynite to school today, and it got a bit wet. When I got home I made a messy in it, and as usual it felt pretty comfy hehe😇😇

Hey guys! I’m new here🥳 I was on tumblr (my blog was called alittlenorwegian if I remember correctly🧐) and now I want to try posting stuff again! Here’s a few pics of me in tonight’s diapers, it got really really wet, but didn’t leak 😇(although I think it couldn’t hold one more drop of pee🤪).


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