A fun lego project I made whale on vacation at legoland.

I wonder if we can have a chat app hear like tumblr. That is the only thing missing from this platform.

Guess what 

I have a super soacker in my pants 😱😁

Yaaa I made number 2 on the big boy potty. 😁

Good day all bigs littles and everyone in between. I am sitting hear thinking about some of my favorite little songs. What are some of your favorites.

Little bird by Elizabeth Mitchell
Ultamite showdown by lemon demon

So I am at work this morning and I just took a drink out of my big boy cup and spilled it all over myself. I am glad it was only water. I guess that is why I need to be using a sippy cup. 🐳

Lol I tooted many times in a row. Guess I will soon need a change.😲😁

Looks like I loose little bowl. Not even half time and I am at full and ready to change. Looks like I choose my diaper poreley. Is any one else playing my super bowl game tonight? If so how are you doing?

My favorite thing about the weekends. Waking up late and having coffee wearing my sleeper and wet night time diaper.

In honor of super bowl I say we have a little bowl. It is a super easy game. All you do is put on a fresh diaper before the game and wet it. We then report at half time and see if it is half way full. You win by being half way full at half time and full by the end of the game. You must be precise so pace yourself no cheating and being half way before our after half time. Choose the right padding to better your odds and good luck everyone who plays.

Yaaaa daddy got me new PJ's Sleepers. Will post some pics next week to share.😀

Which is cuter for a little one to be wearing? Boost for printed diapers or favorite for all white diapers.

Thanks James the new layout is much better without the gap on the screen big hugs

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