Got home from work Wednesday late and found my new Alice in Wonderland outfit waiting for me. Had to get it on as soon as I could and get on cam to see how it looks. It’s a bit tight, but cute. It’s cheap but it’s for camming so it’s gonna get messed up.

My "home sick" outfit. Sissified candystriper dress, cute thigh highs, a germ mask, and of course and to make sure I get plenty of bed rest.

Despite being all stuffy in head, I cammed this outfit live last evening on . A nice Daddy came in and make me lock my sissy clitty in chastity, put a plug in my ass, and tease myself for nearly 2 hours on cam. I was so horny but not allowed to make cummies so that I stay nice and horny for Daddy the next time.

Behind the scenes screen-cap of recent cam session including the software I use to manage the feed.

Here's another in that set using the timesafe to keep me locked in the chair. Oopsies, my tights got pulled down and onesie unsnapped to expose diaper.

Hi I'm new to Was active on Tumblr and also go by CD name Becca. I do a lot Diaper Bondage with Segufix and live cam my self-bondage sessions on Chaturbate.

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