Cloth diapers drying on the rack. I have two Rearz Super Snap diapers, one made by Quality Care, and one without a name on it.

Went to see Aurelio Voltaire last night. Since it was a Friday night, I was in a diaper, and I wore it under a kilt. 😁

I had several friends who were there; friends who I think are really attractive. I have to say, secretly peeing my pants in front of them was an extra kind of thrill.

For the record, I don't think it's nonconsensually involving others in your kink when you're not exposing them to it. My friends had no idea I was doing it, nor will they.

Adult diaper 

Felt cute, might poop my pants later, idk

I just had the next best thing to a legit messy accident in my diaper. 😁

For your consideration:

It gets dumped on a lot but only for being unpopular. Every other living option is 10 years behind in terms of problems. (Remember when everyone had that hash collision vulnerability?)

Adult diaper, wet diaper 

Changing my diaper at church

Thought I was done pooping for the day after I messed my overnight diaper. Turns out I was mistaken. Good thing I'm in a cloth diaper; I can just wash it.

I'm wet but I have no memory of wetting my diaper last night. 😮

I just pooped my diaper while I was making breakfast...

@fribbledom - just got Telephant to build on my laptop running ElementaryOS Loki

I think I need to try a different brand of diaper for daytime. When I'm wearing, I often do several big wettings, and when I do that, my diaper can't soak up my pee fast enough and it starts to flow out along the sides. ☹️

Managed to soak a North Shore Megamax with a large booster in last night. To the point where there was barely any dry diaper material left! Don't know why I peed so much last night.

As I keep discussing non ABDL things on my ABDL Mastodon... 😂

Adult diaper, messy diaper 

And there's the mess. 😁

Adult diapers 

Sitting on my couch and eating breakfast in my wet overnight diaper. I'll probably mess before I change.

Bottoming tonight for the first time in a long while. Probably since Capcon 2018. And it's my first time bottoming to a boy outside of a demo. I'm a little bit nervous, tbh.

I discovered this gem at last night's showing of "Clue" at the Alamo Drafthouse in KC.

Still got a massive case of the shits today. Just using my diaper, because I'm tired of sitting on the toilet every ten minutes.

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