So a few weeks ago I had a new user message me asking if I could help them get their new “social network for ABDLs” up and running which is a little odd considering all the “selling points” of this new platform were things had been doing since day one. If they were doing something new or different I would have tried to offer some help in one way or another. I just said good luck and left it as that.

This turned into a longer post, read the rest here:

Petty drama 

Don't think I have been called "the Radical Far-Left Elite" before 😆

Also 2 years, they signed-up mid June 🙄

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Petty drama 

@james far left or far right can we keep this mainstream political bullshit away from lovely places like this? I get politics shoved down my throat everywhere I look these days it’s impossible to escape it. There is extremism on both sides and it’s mentally exhausting.

Petty drama 

@Fluffy_ears I would tent to agree, but there is also a responsibility to protect our users and warn them of people like this within the community, people are often too trusting until it's too late


Petty drama 

Yeah I agree with you.
It's not just for user, it's be a futur legal obligation with Digital Services Act (for EU user) but these obligation are not clear and can change with a possible "right of social network" created by French Constitutional Court (in French) :

+, If user is US, he is protected by the 1th amandement.

Bref, online moderation can never be perfect, we need to make choose.
You make the best choses in this case


Petty drama 

@james @Fluffy_ears
To be a actor of online liberties without any technical or political habilities, you can (for EU user) :

- Surveys you local implementation of copyright directive (for german, follow Julia Reda on twitter)
- contact yours MEP (Member of european parlement) on Twitter, phone etc
- make a little donation for ONG specialised on online liberties (EFF in USA, la quadrature du net in France etc)
- respect teams like abdl link team

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