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Since 6 mouth, I wear diaper very frequently.
After confinement, I always wear diapers at work without any difficulty.
Now I wear diapers 12/14 days.

I think to pass to H24 7/7 in early 2021.

What do you think about that ?

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I'm sorry for the long absence but with the Covid-19 measure, restart of work and no PC during 42 days, I have no idea for post :/

But this time I'm back, and more little than expected 😊🚼🍼

2 photos for begin

Some week ago, I'm really hipe by Pixel 4a, but I decide to attend some week.

It's my best 2020 idea : Pixel 5 is the same but with 5G, bigger battery, wireless charging and full aluminium body 🥳

Little boy... What is the point of having a fork if you're not going to use it?
Now stand up and show me your cute new jammies from @diaperheroes , there better not be any egg on them already! 🙄

A new adventure begins 😋🚼🍼...

ACNH on Yuzu Emulator (Switch Emulator on PC)
Play with Xbox One controller.

Work slow on free version, work at full speed (but with graphics little bug) on Patreon version.

Laptop (yes Laptop) Spec :
i7 8750H (6 cores, 2.2-3.91 GHz)
GTX 1070 Max-Q
16 Go RAM DDR4 2666MHz
Game rom on Crucial MX 500 2To SSD.
Windows 10 with lastest updates

Ready to sleep~~

Since have to work in 4 hours just going to sleep on the couch so husband doesn't get pushed much.

This morning, I'm more wet than I think ☺️:diaper_wet:
Thank I have a booster with my ABU diaper 😃

The best news is : now I have no difficulty to sleep with a thick diaper (it was impossible some week ago) and a little wet before sleep.

Wet day outside, dry inside (believe that puppy diapy is perfectly dry !) 🚼👶🐶

From birdsite 

I finally have a proper stash. ^^

After my "accident" when I try to be big, I take no risk : ABU Little Paws + Tena Booster 😃🚼🍼

With my body it's clear : I'm a real big baby 👶

Underwear Wetting 

After many time as little, I try to see how long I can be big.
But after less than 1 hour, I need to go.
I try to content but after 1 min.. oh oh 😳

Wet morning 🙂🚼🍼

I'm sorry if I become more fur but with a treatment against acne i can't use product to cut them.

Good night everybody !
Enjoying my first real little night since my accident. I waited for the perfect moment to wear my last diaper (little rawr, so soft and comfy !) at my parent's house, to be in a good mood, not forcing my inner child, and also wearing my new onesie <3

Indeed, my little side had totally faded after my accident. I didn't felt the need for more than three weeks, my mind being occupied (and still is) by many other things.

Can you spot my big boy's underwear ? :P

Soooo... I may have ordered some things while in recovery at my parent's house. Not the smartest spending, considering the state of my motorbike... But anyway, I've already bought a changing mattress before the accident...
I really love those designs. The long sleeves, so comfy, much wow ! And the two others, love them, especially the retro game <3.
I did go for size L despite my 55kg, they fit perfectly in height (180cm), which was the problem in size M, pressing too much my diaper sometimes.

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