My new order of diapers ! Enough for me and a little boy (I just need to find one !)

I will go in Japan during August.
Do you have any idea what to do, to visit in this country (something original) ? There is an ABDL store in this country ? Any ABDL to meet ? Thanks ;-)

news items from KinkyDiapers. It will help my bed to rest dry 🙂

Sometime, more protection than a single diaper are necessary for a dry night 😛

I had ask you what is the job result of your studies

Sorry, i melange french and english sometime

but there is a lot of ABDL here too !!!

Hello / Bonjour
somebody want to chat a little ?
quelqu'un pour discuter un peu ici :-p ?

Eleusis boosted

je viens juste de rentrer chez moi
donc maintenant oui :)

souvent des sorties avec amis BALD alors ?

This morning : SNOW outside !!!!
Youpi 😃

Sometime more security are necessary for an ABDL !
Impossible to change without the keys ! 😉

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