Today’s work from home outfit and desk buddy (seeing as I’m trying out Waddlers, I figured I’d consult an expert on the subject.)

I put @BlueStar in a cagie which makes him super blushy, isn't he being such a good little boy? 😄

Do you like swimming ? I love swimming !
Let's find a nice beach and have some fun !

Umm @Bkid5 morning nappy check, very soggy and bulky. I felt so tiny this morning 😳

‪My boyfriend gave me this shirt for Christmas. I’d be offended if it wasn’t so accurate. ‬

Il y a des week-ends que je suis pas prêt d'oublier. Et celui-là en fut un des plus mémorable.
"J'ai battu mon record, 6 petits à garder."
6 fois plus de bonheur, de joie, de plaisir et d'aventures (août 2022).
Mille Mercis aux petits.

There are weekends I'm not ready to forget. And this was one of the most memorable.
"I broke my record, 6 little ones to keep."
6 times more happiness, joy, fun and adventures.
A thousand thanks to the little ones.

Of course I also tried out the new crinklz buccaneer!
I like the print, but it is much like the first crinklz from back then. The patterns are quite big and random across the diaper and also spanning part of the wings. They start relatively thin, but swell up pretty good. Biggest downside ... the tapes. Unfortunately, crinklz still produces bad tapes that would slowly loosen or tear apart the plastic (not often, but it happens). All in all, like normal crinklz.
Still, they are super cute😁

In case you were unaware (I certainly was), some clever AB must have infiltrated Fisher Price and convinced them to make a giant version of their classic ring stacker.

FYI: I can tell you from experience that Amazon’s packaging for it isn’t discreet, use that information as you will 😈

Sometimes a toddler just needs a minute to nap, even if it's right in the middle of playtime 👶😁😴

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