Embarrassing stop by airport security. Immigration and baggage took so long, good thing I was still in diapers! I had already wet them on the flight and during immigration. With no dadas there to change my diapers, I had to go through security with soaked double diapers. Just like little babies, you can see my diaper bulge and my diaper peeking out from the top. Security stopped me for an extra pat-down in front of everyone and I had to tell the officer I was still in diapers 🙈

@Tbdltimmy oh, that sucks. But if you think of it as a check to see if you're wet maybe you'll feel better about it?

@dreamingdiapers Good idea! I was pretty wet and they did lightly squeeze the edges of my diaper through my trousers!


@Tbdltimmy haha, nice (but embarrassing as well). Well, guess you're glad it's over.

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