As long as you're having fun, it's all good. I'm really rusty in videogames myself, just got a videogame after many years, so I'm taking my time with the learning curve.

Seems like Saturday is fun underpants day. Thought I'd give it a try.

Relaxing after a long week. Not that it's necessary, but had some extra protection for bedtime. You know, for "piece of mind". That's the adult thing to do, right?

Lasted me a whole night (and a visit from the sog monster). So much squish! 😊

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Ever feel like the crinkle is so loud you'll get a knock on the door and be asked to be quiet? 🙈

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Cloudy winter mornings are made for sleeping in.
Same for footie PJs and thick diapers 😋

Had a sleepover at @vicbebe 's place and had a blast! Good food, drinks, some Netflix and games and, of course, some good 'old padded time. 😁
Thanks a lot for having me there, buddy!

Of course a good onesie was in order to keep things in place during the night.

These are from my first time wearing Pawz, was love at first sight (and sog) 😄

Nothing says a good night's sleep like a soggy morning diaper. 😋

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