I wanted to do something special for Mommy so I put on one of her favorite diapies on over the 3 (plus stuffer) I was already wearing. She's so proud of me now! And my diapies are so wet! Still not allowed to take them off until morning, though.

I went cummies in my diapies without Mommy's permission... A few times. A fitting punishment where there's no way I can do that; three diapies and a stuffer. And these are staying on no matter what until tomorrow morning.

Mommy's rules are No Messing in my diapies. Mommy's rules are also to never waste a diapie! Even though Mommy isn't here right now, a good boy and diapered sub follows the rules or faces punishment. After only wetting once, I had to go poop. Mommy would not be happy with only one wetting, and so after using the potty I punished myself with 3 diapies and a stuffer. I've wet 6 times so far, and I hope Mommy thinks I'm good! What do u think?

When I'm a very good boy, Mommy lets me play with my favorite toy, Hummie! Love making Hummie Cummies for Mommy in my diapy!!!

Babies aren't supposed to change their own diapies, but sometimes Mommy can't be around. So I send her photos so she can tell me when I need to change. I show her that I have all of the right supplies, and then after I have a new diapy on, she can make sure I did a good job. I don't do as good of a job as Mommy does, but I don't want to have an accident either! Now I'm all snug in my Safari diapy, and Mommy will be here in the morning to change me properly!


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