Gotta go out to get a haircut. Big boy on the outside. Maybe not so big inside... 🙄🚼

This morning's diaper change - before and after. (No wet 'n' messy in between stuff!) 🚼

So für heute brauch ich mich mich mehr wickeln die hält bis morgen früh es ist jetzt 12 uhr

Woke up very soggy. Need changies but too smol. Need big to helps 😁😁😁

Apparently I’m ready for a change? Yes it is my nite time diaper and I woke up wet but I’m sure the Alpacas can carry more.

Morning diaper after the night before. Very wet. Very messy. Very stinky. Pretty much sums up the state of the nation to the south of us this morning. 🙎‍♂️💦💩🚼🇺🇸

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