het was een heerlijk fijn avond gisteren @clubluier ! Echt leuk om bekende maar ook nieuwe gezichten te zien !

kijk uit naar de volgende datum !

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Take a look at what arrived for me. It is the diapers I won thanks to the Diaper Give Away (EU) 🀩

I had chosen the Rearz Safari because in my opinion these are one of the best kind of ABDl diapers out there. Not only of how they look, but also the absorption and the fit are prefect. πŸ€“

I want to thank @james agian for selecting me as the winner. And special thanks to @diaperheroes
for organizing this competition and for the quick and discreet shipping. πŸ‘

Okay, this a weird way to wake up, getting a notice that I won the Diaper Give-away (EU). (I still have the feeling this a joke 🀨 )

But thank you @diaperheroes for the prize and @james for picking me as the winner. πŸŽ‰

This the first time a silly joke won me anything. πŸ˜‚

Also thank you to the people congratulating me.

And the diaper giveaway winner is...

@Little_J94 πŸŽ‰

Thanks again to @diaperheroes for allowing me to giveaway some diapers. They stock loads and ship to Belgium, Netherlands, France and Germany :nappy:

🀫 Sh!

I found this under the bed of the manager of diaper-heroes.be

I discovered his secret πŸ˜‚

The best of ABDL diaper !

In stock !

Express delivery !


My friend Yannick is an expert for diaper change.
Did you know that he also opened an ABDL shop for Belgium and Neederlands?
Go visit diaper-heroes.be/nl/

Find ABDL onesie on your new your webshop


Back in stock soon !

ABU Super Dry Kids

ABU Cushies


The ABDL Shop for Belgium and Netherlands, Germany and France

Oh no! Shy Guy conquered my ABU order as soon as it got here!

We are a new ABDL Shop based in Belgium

We offer a lot of different diaper like : Abu , Rearz , Bambino , Tena , Id Slip , molicare , Betterdry , Crinklz

And accessoires : Onesie , Wipes , Pacifier

We ship to : Belgium , Netherlands , France and Germany

Free Shipping over 89€

Another country will comming later

visit our website :




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