👖 A good pair of overalls can communicate a lot about a person.

Like "art student during winter term" or "is it summer yet?" or "hehe, I forgot how to tie my shoes again!" 😋

They were clearing out some Pull-Ups at the grocery store for half off and I couldn’t resist. Never got to try the Cool & Learn ones ❄️

Had fun fun day being my little self again, I got to play with lots of LEGO!!

Super wet and grey day outside. Thankfully it's only grey and not wet in this comfy couch.

My husband gave me the worst tape job that I have ever seen, so after some fun and a once-over with the packing tape, I got another layer. Hopefully this will keep the bed dry. WHY DO COMPANIES PUT BLUE TAPES ON SOLID COLORED DIAPERS?

Dry but Soaked 🤨 Don't let the Cushie fool you, last nights sitter forgot to poke holes in one of the inner layers causing the outer one to "appear" like I kept myself dry😂

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