Feeling cute this morning in my new onesie and matching paci clip from ODU

I wish I had friends in my city (or one less than an hour away) all my little friends are 2 hours away or further

So I pulled this guy out from behind the couch, he had a big scratchy pink heart in front of his chest that made him a little less than cuddly, but he was a cute gesture from a cute boy but now he’s cuddly without that heart in the way, just had to cut 4 little stitches

So I did something stupid and stuck something somewhere I shouldn’t have and now I’m paying for it with a UTI, gotta flush it out now, I’m thinking my next diaper needs to be super thick to handle this

So today I was looking at my Facebook and decided to scroll through the “people you may know” section and it was chock full of littles, I’m resisting the urge to friend request all of them, I’m being good. Ok maybe 1 went out...

I wish I had some local little friends, all of mine are a couple hours away

So I’ve been padded 24/7 for the last couple months, I’m thinking of making this a permanent thing and kinda wishing I’d done this sooner.

Also I got a pair of tykables shorts this week and was feeling little and cute today

So I was thinking of going to the local kink social this Saturday in Tampa then I looked at it and apparently there's a "class" of sorts they have at the event and the topic this month is "I think I'm a little, Now what" now I'm definitely going! if that topic isn't a sign I don't know what is

So done with people right now! I want to just spend time with people and have fun without causing serious issues in my social circles. Just done!

I need some local little friends, Florida. Tampa Bay Area who’s around and game?

Which is FIRST
TOP tape or BOTTOM tape?

Retoot for BOTTOM tape first
Like for TOP tape first

So I broke up with my vanilla BF the other day (there were some issues and I'm happier now than I've been in a long time) so I think it's time for a restock and binge. I'm thinking of trying 24/7 for a month, say January '19 this could be fun...

So I’m too lazy to take pics but I’m up past my bedtime ‘cause reasons and I’m padded, had a chocolate martini and now I’m having a beer all while working on some new dresses for when I want to be pretty, but more like sexy, these are short and super cute

An oldie but a goodie, but totally fitting for right now.

Off to bed with this little boy

It’s going to be a padded night and probably most of the day tomorrow. I’m going to miss this when I move in with my boyfriend, I’ll introduce him to it eventually though, he knows but hasn’t been around me when I’m padded (that he knows about 😜)


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