“If I show you... you gotta promise not to laugh at me... it was a total accident, I swear” 😣

Wasn’t going anywhere until I finished my juice and (chocolate) orange! 🙈 hehe

It’s hard to explain, but these moments are such a therapeutic release 💙 ...and anyway, who doesn’t love a cheeky photo shoot? 🙈

Thanks for the warm welcome, Frankfurt.. and for the awkwardly overwhelming interest in the ABU Kiddo I had on at security 😳😳

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@diaperdash it was super fun. How awkward when my pants just happened to fall down when you were taking a photo 🤣🤣

Had the best time yesterday with @AusDL89 and his other half 💙
Of course managed to grab some cheeky photos while we were seeing the sights 😋

Alaska says if there’s no paws, I don’t need changing ...and doggos don’t lie 😇

For the second time in my life, I placed more trust in someone than ever before.. and got burned. What a heart-wrenching feeling.

Decided to go out and take some photos to cheer myself up... and if it weren’t for the rain, this photo set would have been so much better, so much more risqué.

The bigs in the room said I needed “protection” before using big boy tools... and look, I listened! 😇

At the weekend, I celebrated my “diaperversary” — exactly one year since I first went out padded in public.. and took padded photos outside in the same day 🙈
@KinkilyCrinkly and @Littleivo even made me a cake to celebrate!!! 💙
@hollyhoney19 @PaddedTwink @alittleravenclaw

What a fun weekend with the Scottish ...as they’ve been known for all of 20 seconds 😋 some of the best moments of my life have been with these sprogs! @KinkilyCrinkly @PaddedTwink @alittleravenclaw Holly and Orsky 💙

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A group snap from last weekend in Amsterdam for .
Featuring (from left to right) myself, @diaperdash , @BabyDavid , Holly (I dont think she's on here), @alittleravenclaw , @PaddedTwink

It's the perfect weather to be outside enjoying some ice cream in the Vondelpark in Amsterdam 🍦

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Had a great time at tonight! I got to meet so many new people, including @BabyDavid, @PaddedTwink @alittleravenclaw, @LilTraveller, @montuur, @kinesecd, @diaperheroes , @Ababyboy, @Littleboyrami and many others from around the world. Here’s a snap of me and @diaperdash modelling our latest and
Did you have a good weekend? Did you get to spend it with your friends and making new ones?

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