First trip over the weekend with Daddy. πŸš‚ We went to an amusement park and we had super fun! 🎒🎑 Even though I was a little bit naughty. 😒

"Uhh huh uhh little guy, stand still while daddy checks your nappy. I know your never clean for long"

I told @Kirikoo I wanted to look like a big boy, not like a BIG DIAPER wearer! :diaper: πŸ™„ πŸ˜…

Was feeling naughty and decided to play with my diaper in the public stairwell 😝 :diaper_wet:

Another series from the archives: being a kinky diapered scally in the elevator 😎

Naughty boys get tied up when they misbehave... until their diaper get full. Very full! :diaper_wet: 😈

β€œYes, I get that my diaper is wet, by why do I have to get it changed?!” :diaper_wet: πŸ€”

I haven't run errands diapered in a long time, I guess it's time to fix that ☺️

I'd like to say, this kink is almost half as expensive as having a real kid XD

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