HI guys!
Those were rough two weeks...
But I managed to publish my first short film and we are now working on another one. That's where things get complicated... I'd love to tell you all the details and stuff but I noticed that tend to separate our ABDL part from all the others which makes communication outside our little sides difficult.

How do you manage integrating your abdl interests with other life aspects while staying safe?

p.s. finally got shaved and padded. Cool ^^

When you accidentally leak in school, so your big bro tells you to put on 2 diapers for the rest of the day so no more accidents happen 😏

P.s. my big bro wrote that, not me!
I told him I didn't need such thick padding...

Good morning, little fellas!

I woke up with a sense of comfort.
Lately I've been chatting with some fellow abdls and I believe it is amazing humans can be connected by such a thing as a specific lifestyle/fetish/defensive mechanism which does only good for them.
Most people from the community I met are very loving, empathetic and nice. Isn't it simply a miracle?
Wish we can push this interconnection between us further. There is never too much if we speak of good people.

P.s. woke up dry :P

Alpha is ready to have so much fun with his littles. #gaypup#pupplay#diaperpup#

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On the way out the door to go to work, I noticed my roommate was sleeping with the door open, so I had to take a cheeky picture. Imagine waking up to this view hehe

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