I was so super soggy but didn’t wanna change yet soooooo

Plastic pants! Trying to see if I can get all the way to nini time without changing :3

‪My boyfriend gave me this shirt for Christmas. I’d be offended if it wasn’t so accurate. ‬

I got new dino jammies, my big brover told me to it was nap time but my stuffies said it was play time.

Diaper check! Decided to wear a peekabu for my work shift today! Probably a lilpawz before bed :3

Few pics from earlier in the year. Hope everyone has a great Christmas! Got some other pics to post soon!

Sometimes lil guys get a bit embarrassed when they need really need a diapee change.

My diaper was soaked and leaking ... so I put a fresh one above it so nobody can tell that I am in an totally wet diaper, can they?

pizza, cartoons, coloring and kinda fell asleep for a bit too. oh emm might need a diaper change now.

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