Daddy said nap time but how can I sleep in a soggy diaper?

There's a baby boy to change here. He can't go to work with a wet diaper, can he ?

Stop crying and let me retape your night time diaper. It's not wet enought and can easily last the whole morning.

At the campground, relaxing in my wet night diapee, watched the sunrise. It's always amazing to see a new day come about !!! It's even better in your night nappy 😋

Trying out the LittleRawrs today! Only managed to get a sample since bags of mediums were sold out. :diaper:

"Sit down little one so I can check you" 😳
"But..but... I'm barely wet!!!"
I got to continue with playtime!

Before and after a very soggy night. Those dinos didn’t stand a chance.

I took my onsie off to get a lil air after I woke up and, somebody wet my diaper really bad while I was asleep!

I dunno who keeps doing this but I’m gonna catch em one of these days 😡

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