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Finally in my diaper and ready for some video-games and no bathroom-breaks🍺🎮😉 who wants to join ? 😋

Haven’t been feeling like padding up lately. These Rearz Dino diapers really do the trick though.

Super cute guy I met on DB recently. I was lucky enough to pad him up for his first time with a proper adult diaper! It was beyond enjoyable facilitating this, watching him melt and turn into a puddle of childish goo melted my heart! Unfortunately, it also solidified my mindset that I definitely require an abdl as a partner... So where are you!?

I couldn't really focus on watching this new movie.. So I thought it might be a good moment to take some shots 😎 Mr.Monkey couldn't believe I was distracted from the movie so fast 😅🤭🙈

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