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Anyone willing to change this "big boy's" diaper? 😕👶:diaper_wet: :diaper_wet: :dummy:

I call this one: two cups of coffee means one soaked pampers.

How much would you judge this bedwetter for not peeing before putting on his night diaper?

Photo session after trying on my first romper, ordered from Napiesrus. They have an amazing fit!!

After a long night at work, this was exactly what I needed

“Did you pack extra diapers for preschool?”


“How’s your diaper doing right now?”


“Come on, silly boy. Let’s get that wet diaper changed”

I just noticed that I reached 700 followers!

Thanks, everyone! I'm just amazed people actual enjoy my blog.

The honeymoon is well underway. Ireland and Switzerland are done and we are in Italy now. First stop, Gardaland! I love amusement parks and there is no better attire for an amusement park than a good thick diaper!

A very wet Goodnite which definitely leaked. :diaper_wet: I really need someone to change me before that happens. Thankfully the new pad I got works well.

Just finished up an amazing week with @LittleBroTyTy at the cottage and on the ! More pics to come.

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