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onesie and soggy diaper 

Onesie time tonight! Not hiding my soggy bottom very well.

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Someone was super soggy the other night! 😳 And when I say someone - it could be anyone, not me I promise!! 🥺

This afternoon I went for a walk on the woods. That was when I arrived. Double diapers and was already feeling the thickness.
Only wish I had a cuter onesie.
Walked all afternoon like this :blobaww: :diaper:

Boy in rascals 

Working from today ... can mean only one fink ... rascals and dinorawrs ... hope u all have an awesomenesssssss day 1

First time in pink diapers! I'll do a face reveal when I get I big following! Please boost and favorite!

The week’s just getting started and I’m already crawling away from my big boy responsibilities.

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