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Anyone willing to change this "big boy's" diaper? 😕👶:diaper_wet: :diaper_wet: :dummy:

Hopefully dragon protects me from the evil creatures. First Peek’

I made such a bulgy diapey. I kinda just started letting it all go and my diapey kept inflating. 😳😳😳🙈🙈🙈

Worked in to the early hours today, been nappied all night though, bout to go to bed.


Keep strong littles and bigs..

My door and my heart is always open, if anyone is going through bad times and is struggling, I may not understand but I can relate.

The best medicine for me is to go into little space.

When your feeling down, what helps you?

#abdl #soggydiaper #wetdiaper #diaperboy #littleboy #abdlboy #abudiapers #crinklepup #dinorawrz #dinorawrzdiapers #abudinorawrz 

I love the Dinorawrs by they remind me of the early 2000’s Huggies/Pampers. Putting them to the test here 💦

Birthday Boy! Another year gone but I'm still only little! ☺ I think "big me" should buy "little me" a birthday present. What'd'ya reckon? Some nappies I haven't tried before (Little Rawrs, maybe)? A teddy bear? A cute new onesie?

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