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onesie and soggy diaper 

Onesie time tonight! Not hiding my soggy bottom very well.

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Getting ready for the State Fair then off to see Lindsay Sterling and Keisza! I know my flask is around here somewhere...

New haircut, matching with the new onesie (or at least that was the idea) :dummy_blue::baby_dummy:

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you: "The Full Diaper/Full Battery Tour of America" 🔌 :diaper_wet:

Just a boy realizing his true nature is to be put back into diapers!

@dl75000 thx for the follow! Cool to see others in phx!

Diaper content 

Daddy says I'm not a big boy! He says that big boys don't need their daddy to change their soakey diapers. :baby_dummy: :diaper_wet:

The downside of working on a UK project is that I can't shower until after my morning meetings. But if you can get past the smell, it means that I get to stay in my diaper until noon.

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