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onesie and soggy diaper 

Onesie time tonight! Not hiding my soggy bottom very well.

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If the days are longer that means I can have a later bedtime, right?

I'm not posting much these days, I have no inspiration, maybe when nice weather will be back, I can go on small adventures.
For now, work attire.

Guess I was gaming a bit too hard and soaked my pamps...luckily my new plushie Beanie was there to let me know it was change time 😬 #abdl #soggydiaper 

Picking something up at parents house. First time wearing diaper over there.

First post! Hello everyone. Deciding to go check out Spider-Man tonight. Proper attire is necessary, and a diaper too of course!

Couldnt sleep yesterday, so decided to keep the little bot vibe and go do errands in a horribly, yet so comfy swollen padding. Really need a daddy or bro to help keep me diapered.

Someone was super soggy the other night! 😳 And when I say someone - it could be anyone, not me I promise!! 🥺

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