Feeling a bit better, had to take some pain killers, lol I hate pills. But oh man the pain was just too much. Managed to unpack the diapers and organize them between day and night. Honestly I prefer ABDL diapers cause they fit so well, also the amount of protection they offer cannot be comapre to medical diapers. Even then in a good day ill go through only 2 or 3 diapers, in a bad one ill go thorugh like 3-5. Honestly im bless my father is so understanding and he provides them for me.🐣😇

Intense diaper check ahead! 

This one got deleted from my IG timeline! Enjoy. With @superbaby_daddy when he visited. 😜

Do I have to wake up for the day this bed fills rilly nice.. loveing my paw patrol sheets and blankly..

Oh my goodness!! Just got these diapers in today! Ordered off Amazon Prime, so free 2 day shipping. Just $30 for 10 of these bad boys! They hold 4980 ml! Super thick, comfy and soooo cute! Anyone with an amazon prime membership, just pull the trigger on these. You won’t regret it. Might be my new favorite diaper!

It’s super hard getting out of bed after waking up like this.

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