Lunch time. Celebrating 🥳 making it halfway through my busy work day with chicken nuggets.

Throwback Pictures #190

Frustrating day so far. 😡 Time is not on my side today. Day is dragging.

Throwback Pictures #189

Another early start to a long day Adulting. Not looking forward to it. Didn’t get much sleep. Lots of tossing and turning last night. Still exhausted. Crossing my fingers time goes by quickly today. ☀️👶🏻🍼🚼

Throwback Pictures #188

ABDL, Diapers, Wet, Messy, Plushies, Paci Show more

baby clothes from tykables as suggested.

dada said i look adorable in the shortalls.

thank you dada

Looks thoughtful and deep but I’m actually just filling my padding. 🤷‍♀️

🚀 Report from NASA: “Space seems to be a very soft and fluffy environment. And those aliens everyone has been talking about are very easy to defeat!” 😈💦🤭

The bulge was real this morning, basically filled to the max! 😲 Good thing I didn't leak the bed, so I would say this is one successful diaper!

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