Living with 5 other people (family) I don't pad up around home but couldn't fight it this morning when I realised it had been 4 weeks since my last padding, so quick trip to the bathroom, boxers off and Crinklz on. Don't think anyone has noticed but it feels so good to be in a nappy again, out and about in the car at the moment

Was told by mummy I was looking far too manly, she then undress and double nappied me 😱...I didn’t even get a choice it just happened !

Anyway I’m meant to be napping so SHUSH!

Was soggy and waddling already now mama added another nappy on top (now triple padded) .... guess I can’t argue with big bro about me being a baby anymore @Bkid5

Double diapeys are just great.... even if this one got a day’s reprieve from my overactive bladder and easily excitable winky. 😊😊😊 saggy, soggy, and spunky diapey. 🙈🙈

When hiking through the dense Jurassic fern undergrowth (of the kit’hen region) be sure to stay hydrated.

Looks like I loose little bowl. Not even half time and I am at full and ready to change. Looks like I choose my diaper poreley. Is any one else playing my super bowl game tonight? If so how are you doing?

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