Went for a padded hike! 🌳 :diaper: My first time wearing and wetting a diaper in the woods! :diaper_wet: 🌳 It was a really great abdl date! 😊

Soggy pups might not like changies, but they can still have the pleasure of huffing their soaked pampers afterwards. 😁

But not all pups get to have TOO much pleasure... πŸ”’

My honey put me in an ABU space so I won't leak before my bedtime change πŸ€—πŸ”„πŸ˜˜

All my NEW posts (with full captions) are available @ Tumblr. I post at least six times per day about the diaper boys I train. Go check it out! boyonbdsm.tumblr.com

First trip over the weekend with Daddy. πŸš‚ We went to an amusement park and we had super fun! 🎒🎑 Even though I was a little bit naughty. 😒

~I love the new ABU diapers~

Special thanks to @diaperheroes
Visit us on www.diaper-heroes.be

(Shooting part 1)

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