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Have you tried cloth diapers ?

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do you wear plastic pants?

Afternoon nap-time with my dearest little brother.

We got home at 4:30AM after visiting the wonderful Crèche-Bébé in The Hague. Didn't get much sleep at night because someone got a little frisky. 😝

diaper all good so just doing a bit of colouring... emm opps.. maybe should stick to the colouring book

Got to wear big kid PJs last night 😀 ... with a diaper underneath, of course.

Full, wet diaper 

Diapering a little one 

Diapers and Handjobs. ;) 

Giant diaper 

Locked in Dips 

Diapers and *gasp!* a penis! 

Diapers, bondage, and a dildo 

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