For the first time in almost 10 years, I am traveling for pleasure! I'll be in Ireland, Zurich, Genova, and Monaco. If anyone has any good suggestions for things to do, things to see, or things to eat, I'm all ears!

@denoteboom13 In Ireland, the Cliffs of Moher are pretty impressive--500 foot cliffs overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, the ring of Kerry is a very pretty drive, kissing the Blarney Stone in Cork is a sort of corny but fun thing to do, in Dublin the Book of Kells (1200 years old) is something to see. Of course Ireland has beer, beer and more beer! Zurich is a big industrial city---not much to see but take and hour train to Luzern and it is a great city to spend a few days! How long you be gone?

@davedaiten We only have three more days in Ireland and fly to Zurich Wednesday morning. We have the rest of the day there before heading to Chur for the Bernina Express. Then it's Camogli, Genoa, and a night in Monaco. And I DEFINITELY don't have enough diapers for this trip.

@denoteboom13 Why are you hopping all over Europe? You're going to spend all your time on trains (which I love to do) and at airports (which I hate). Just use your diapers as underwear and bite the bullet and use the toilet until the diaper gets too worn out and you're about to throw them out. Then go ahead and pee and poop into them. Maybe some of the Europe based DL can help you out on where to find diapers in Europe. Doesn't hurt to ask!

@davedaiten We're going to Switzerland specifically to ride a train. Otuerwise it would have just been Ireland and Italy.

Today is the last day in Ireland and my no-so-little i10 has been fantastic. As long as I didn't need to accelerate anywhere.

Trains in Switzerland are spectacular. If you got time, take the train to Zermatt---at the foot of the Matterhorn. The grade is so steep that you have to use a cog railway to get to Zermatt. Have a wonderful time!

@denoteboom13 You back from Europe? You enjoy yourself? Going to walk in Indy Pride? Diapered or not? You get your new car yet?

@denoteboom13 When you're in Zurich, go to the train station (Hauptbahnhof) and catch a 1 hour train to Lucerne (Luzern). It is a gorgeous city. If you got time, you can take the cog railway to Mt Pilatus overlooking Luzern. Spectacular views!

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