I had a diaper dream that made me want to go super thick today. A booster, Megamax, and Galactic later and I'm still adding layers.

Thai sweet chili macaroni. With protests yesterday and riots today, this dinner is not providing any answers to why so many black people have lost their lives at the hands of Indianapolis police over the past two weeks. Yelling at it does not reveal any more answers.

Cleaning up from breakfast. I could change but I don't think I will.

I took advantage of the beautiful weather to get some outdoor tasks done. Truck transmission, garden tilling, watering, etc. Plus PC rebuild, vehicle shipping, engine building, plus a few hours of on-the-clock work. I'm a bit surprised that the husband didn't object to my attire and I wasn't aware of how visible it was until it got dark and I came inside.

I may have been quiet on here, but this fourth week of working from home marks my fourth week of being 24/7. I went out to lock the garage and ended up stuck in a conversation with my neighbor for a few minutes. This is what my neighbor saw. And my boosted Megamax is struggling to contain the wetness but it hasn't given up yet!

Work finally came out and told everyone to work from home starting tomorrow, but I wasn't going to wait around for them to get their heads out of their asses. I instructed my team to work from home beginning last Friday. And Loki LOVES it! Unfortunately my diaper stash isn't faring so well.

Was told that I needed to diaper up and that it needed to be a PeekABU with booster. The husband volunteered to take a photo as proof of my compliance.

I've been diapered all week and haven't posted anything, so here are some summary pictures.
1. Still dry at work on Tuesday.
2. Loki and Aeneas say it's too damn cold in this house.
3. Loki making sure that I get plenty of rest after my lasik. I couldn't see so the husband had to change me.
4. Waking up soaked. I need to get back into the habit of wearing plastic pants to bed.

After three months of not having time, I finally got the engine out! All four pistons are shattered. Now I'm off to Cincinnati to talk to the machine shop.

I finally got the bike out and Blanche, Dorothy, Rose, and Sofia are helping me pass the time.

Here's three crappy pictures that I never posted. They're all from different days but the one thing they have in common is that I wore all of them to work at some point. It's so nice to have a phone with a decent camera again...

A boosted Tykables Galactic was my attire for work today. I left a little early because my pants were getting tight and I was leaking, but that doesn't mean that I need to take it off. After a quick change of pants it's time to wrap some presents!

Getting ready for work. Would you believe that this is an M4? I didn't either. And neither did my husband.

When you can barely walk but you have to go out to get something to drink...

The husband doubled me up because we had a lot of shopping to get done today. And with his help it wasn't long before pants didn't fit and I needed something bigger. Also two cloth diapers because I didn't want to leak.

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