I just got back from Aldi. Enjoying a guava cider before going out to shovel mulch. Camelot and a booster, by the way.

The downside of working on a UK project is that I can't shower until after my morning meetings. But if you can get past the smell, it means that I get to stay in my diaper until noon.

Getting ready to install cams in the Eclipse. My Camelot is dry and already these pants are not having any of it. Surprise cameo by my guava cider. It's almost done bottle conditioning.

So I was leaking before I even got to the store but I have made it back in one piece and am celebrating with a Caribbean Sour. Turns out I like bitters!

I'm off to the store for some grocery shopping. The husband reports that the rain has washed the salt off of the road (finally!) so I'm thinking I might take the convertible this time...

Working from home in yesterday's full diaper. Maybe I should shower soon. Or maybe not...

I tried out these dog diapers from Tykables. Not sold on the design but the Galactic core is excellent as always!

The husband wanted to watch PROM tonight but 10 minutes in he decided he didn't want to watch something quite this gay. So Idk what I'll be doing this NYE but at least I'm dressed for whatever.

I need to go to the store so I guess I have to put pants on...

Making breakfast while I wait for the husband to get out of the shower. Toasted bagels, one woth muenster and one with pepperjack. Venison breakfast sausage with an egg cracked over top. Eggs cooked over medium. Maple mayonnaise in case we think it needs a sauce. Apparently one can only attach four pictures to a post at a time.

Woke up doubled and soaked. After some work in the garage and a shower I finally get to relax woth Aeneas. The husband wants a sushi boat for dinner. I have no idea why.

How did you spend your Thanksgiving? Or as it's called in my household, Thursday.

For the first time in a log time I doubled up. Boosted Galactic over a boosted PeekABU. It got pretty heavy and by the next morning I was struggling to walk.

OnesiesDownunder came back this month and while I haven't ordered any new ones yet, I was inspired to pull out my old one.

My sister came up from Tennessee because the clutch went out on her car, and because our government doesn't believe in helping its citizens she can't afford to fix it. I hate pulling transmissions. We made sushi and kofta and Skyline and biscuits and gravy because we both love to cook. My cat likes the fall. I put bigger brakes on my Eclipse.

I've been completely absent from everything for a bit, but rest assured that I have still been diapered. Here's my attire for Halloween, for example.

It has been a wild month, ever since the husband cut off the tip of my cat's tail. He's taking it pretty well, all things considered, but heaven forbid anybody gets in between him and his meds.

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