The tapes on my Tykables didn't stand a chance against me and two boosters, but I did find my husband's prostate massager which is a game changer for super thick diapers. I guess I need to get a real magic wand now...

A boosted Tykables is my standard attire these days. It holds....enough. New shelves in the bathroom means that not all of my pictures have to be selfies anymore! New speakers on said shelves mean all of my pictures are crap because I can't stop singing. This playlist is Metallica and Queen and I'm sure the neighbors can hear me wailing. Husband cut my hair for the first time and was apparently determined to give me a bald spot to rival his own.

Forgot to post this picture from the time when I was running around downtown with a bag full of Crinklz.

I violated one of my rules (Don't put a booster in a MegaMax) but I am desperate. I have to last the whole day at the casino and yesterday's Galactic didn't make it.

I've lived in this house more than three years and it took until today to hem these damn curtains. I gave up on my fancy expensive sewing machine and pulled my great grandma's Singer out from the depths of this desk.

Finishing some emails before I pick up the Autozam from paint and head into the office.

Making breakfast for everyone. The husband is calling me Dildo Saggins. His ex is confused. I choose not to explain.

I always feel kind of bad covering up a tie dye MegaMax. My husband's ex came over for a night of VR and kept asking why I was leaking out of my pocket. "I, uh, made a mess while making your drink?"

One Tykables, two boosters, an XL cloth diaper, and my crappy plastic pants. Meetings all morning so I can't change out of yesterday's diaper until lunch, but at least it's super comfy!

Discord with some coworkers. They didn't ask. I didn't explain. Although one did ask what was on my shirt and I got close to the camera to show off the red pandas and my new necklace.

Grilling dinner. The neighbors were out but fortunately they didn't try to talk.

Dropped my car off with the detailers today to get paint correction and ceramic coat. I think it's in good company.

Siphoning beer out of the carboy is boring and taking photos one-handed is hard. But the husband's Oktoberfest is finally bottled. The things I do for love.

I added three boosters to my Tykables this morning but then the husband made me go to the hardware store after work and, well, there were some stares. Not that people don't stare when I drive the Autozam anyway.

Today was Busch Gardens and Fun Spot. The husband loved petting the kangaroos and tigers. I loved running some roller coasters by myself. This wooden coaster goes upside down and may have split my boosted Tykables open. I'm sure the air mattress won't mind if I don't change until the morning...

I can't not shop for diaper pants. Unfortunately all that Lucky had were skinny jeans and my calves have their own zip code. It would have been nice to have something that stretchy; if only they had fit...

My husband couldn't let me pass up this photo op at Universal. We're all a bit surprised that my diaper held up all day. With these, that wouldn't be a concern!

New Galactic have arrived! Excuse the lack of pixels. Phone has decided that it is a potato.

I may be in love with my new ODU onesie (thanks!) but I'm going to start calling Rearz Macklemore from the way their diapers keep popping tabs.

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