Raaaaaa!🦁 Been dancing and shaking my soft booty all morning💗

my padded butt just got impaled in the garage, soggy sap all over the floor💀

Had a daydream about blowing raspberries on the bare belly of a diaper boy and looking up to meet his eyes and us giggling🥰

this pamp ain’t big enough for the one of us🤠🌵🐴

Who’s going to Folsom SF????😌😌😌I’m so excited

Getting back into figure drawing, still needs tons of shading

@Littleboyrami @diaperedhipster As promised! 😁

1. You’ll need two stuffers (the kind with sticky strips in the middle) and one of your favorite diapees.

2. Fold each stuffer in half length-wise with the sticky strip on the middle of the outside edge

3. Place the sticky part of the stuffer in the diaper on each side where the leg guard meets the padding. This creates a channel for both your bits and when you pee

4. Enjoy having a puffy butt! 😉

Tried my first Camelot’s and they’re really incredible🥰forced to waddle very quickly

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