Let me introduce you to this cute white underwear.

It's the Suprima Body Guard 1270, which is much more comfortable and silent than plastic pants but will stop all the tiny pinprick leaks you get from Tena diapers once they're near their limit.

It does feel stiffer than regular tighty whities and the fabric isn't stretchy but has the upside of being water-tight 🤓

Chilling, going through a lot of diapers and watching AoE2 today. Actually one of the first PC games I really played and still enjoy to this day :)

Happy easter! Wearing a nice diaper today and enjoying a lazy Sunday.

These pictures are from earlier this week, kept my night diaper to go shopping since only the front was used.

Good morning everyone. I don't want to be awake yet, but really had to use my padding. (Sorry for all the low effort phone snaps recently.)

Been gaming and drinking tea all afternoon. Not so fresh anymore 😅

Been working from home this past week and actually had to resist the urge to go 24/7 to manage waste and not get too distracted. But I'm still wearing more than usual^^

Right now I'm fresh out of the shower after being in diapers since Friday evening. Smelling only of cream and powder for now :p

I love when I need to go just enough to make my diaper stay in used but perfectly safe state all day ^_^

So unless you come and check my diaper is both wet and dry while wearing these briefs? Is that how it works?

Oh wow, it's been almost a month since my last post. Happy new year, I guess? I've been a bit busy during christmas time and finally thought about taking a picture again this weekend when the sun woke me up.

The Kiddo diapers are nice, no second guesses regarding capacity when I put on my night diaper a bit earlier than needed :P

I added a layer of padding when I got on a train this weekend. Not a bad decision, it was nice to just pee whenever I felt like it on that trip home :D

Damn, when I'm padded outside I get uneasy long before I would even consider a change at home :D
This thing did last till the next morning even though it felt super soggy on my way home. Maybe because it got so cold ^^

Currently wearing the same but without the super swollen store brand pullup inside. :)

I can totally recommend boosting Tenas with Pampers or some Pullup, they get so squishy and thick between your legs. And with the Tena to back it up that combination takes aaages to soak through.

Oof, got to find some time to wear and take pictures^^
Wore another one of the PeekAbus last weekend. Stupidly absorbent it's been many hours and quite some tea between these pictures. And it still lasted the night.

It took a long time to get like this, but by the next morning I was really soaked :P

Yay, got to wear my first ABU this weekend. Super solid tapes and landing zone. Kinda crinkly.

Low chance of failure but high chance of being noticed :D

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