Woop. Had some wine last night and was very glad I could just stay in bed as long as I pleased.

Last Sunday morning :3

Ultima for maximum sog and no need to change anytime soon.

Had a lot of snow this weekend, and went for a walk...

Glad I found this quiet corner when the sun was about to set :D Was already pretty soaked at that point, zero chance I would have made it back home dry.

Eyyy, happy 2022. Unfortunately been super busy over the holidays but finally took these pictures during a morning meeting. Work from home (in your wet night underwear) at its best.

Getting up yesterday did take me quite a while... ~_~

Good thing my bunny was there to help me get ready for a change.

More than wet, I did push out something else before falling asleep that night ~w~

Had to get online for a meeting after taking these pics and ended up spending all morning in it.

Got a pack of current Seni with an order recently, it's insane how much they hold - but of course it has all the cloth backed downsides 😪

When I was sitting there it smelled like peed pants in the sun. Which was cool, but maybe not what I'm looking for in a diaper 😳

So a friend found a bunch of old diapers for sale and I ended up with some packs of old plastic Senis.

Cheap and fun, just the standard model, so aroud Tena Plus capacity... might have more diapered nights now.

Using Drynites as stuffer takes forever to fill up. Guess I have to sleep in this now.

✅ fresh shave
✅ lots of barrier cream
✅ best underwear in the world

Hi in 2021. Feels like I barely posted at all last year :(
Hope I can be a bit more active again and motivate myself to come up with nice pictures.

It took me one year but I finally got another ABU order in. And this time I just went full bunny =:)

Since I'm kind of between sizes on this model I decided to go with L. Makes it the one diaper that's really big on me but not disproportionately so. Still wearing this first one but super happy so far.

Got myself a big pink sweater to be comfortable at home ^_^

Heyyy. It's been a while.

This particular diaper stayed dry for most of the day before I finally had to go and was able to warm my butt.

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