Such a loser wearing diapers. Rob needs to be punished. Dom Peaches is just the person to do it. She restrains him on a St Andrews cross then proceeds to painfully spank, whip and hit with paddles. Many of the strikes are on his cock and balls through the disposable diaper he insists on wearing. See the full movie and others at

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Washable Adult Pocket Diapers

Waterproof outer shell with fun prints. Soft flannel inner liner with a pocket to hold the includes 3-layer soaker pad. Use extra pads or disposable boosters for longer wear! Custom fit with hook and loop fastening wings.

Pretty Stefanie, at school and still not toilet trained is in "Pre School" disposable with cars and busses and taxis and trees on them. It is craft time after lunch and she changes into a different dress that is not so important if it gets messy

Petite and slim, Tara easily fits into real baby diapers. Sometimes she can get two on for extra padding.

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Stefanie is showing off her Sunday best! She has a matching yellow dress and bonnet with a diaper underneath of course.

Aston loves the feel of her Tena Slip Active Fit. Join now to see the whole set exclusively in DG's brand new members area.

YOU have a very wet diaper and your new sitter needs to change your soaking "Pre School" diapee which she does. But before that, she shows you the Parachute Bears sposie she is wearing. Your favourite sitter lives in diapers too!

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Happy New Year!

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