Decided to do something "fun" for a little 3d modeling practice. It might not be real but I think some of you would want one ;)

Sorry I haven't posted in a while! We've been in "survival mode" the last almost 2 weeks here in Seattle.

On top of taking care of baby boys and human pups, we have our other "little" boy to keep me busy too X3

You know you get chilly on these cold winter nights. Yes, I know your sleeper doesn't hide your diaper. You'll just have to make do. Now let's get you in the crib and cuddled up with all the plushes.

Thick diaper? Check. Striped onesie to let the others know who the crib convict is? Also check. :D

High chair time for all good boys. Especially for the little sissy ones.

What? The pants your brought with won't fit over your diaper? That's ok, your diaper is all the pants a toddler needs. Now let's go to the grocery store to pick up all the things we need for the bbq this afternoon.

I got to babysit this little boy last night. He was a big fan of the crib to say the least. He was reluctant to leave it even for a diaper change.

@daddypuppeh thought I needed a Lil's day today, filled with thick padding, mitts, naps and Sesame Street playing non stop😊

Having one giant plush bear helps to make two big baby boys feel small

This little boy earned his "big boy glass" privileges back. And then promptly lost them again when he knocked one of my favorite beer glasses off his high chair tray.

I let Mikey stay up and play some Katamari Forever last night.

Mike is still on vacation time. I guess I will have to set out some activities for him for the day.

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