I’m sure other people feel the same way, but there’s something about the non material assets of abdl that bring me a lot of joy. The hairlessness of my tummy and legs, the baby fat to make me feel chubby, the suckling of almost anything. It’s the little things that sometimes make me feel the most babyish.

Couldn’t escape the sog monster this morning...The evidence is in my padding 😅

Fresh one for the train home☺️💗, pls don’t come for my tape job the train was shaky😭

Todays padding and outfit choice. Going to have littles day with legos and coloring

I would love nothing more today to be violently force fed a bottle with muscle relaxers, melatonin, and diuretics by a 300 pound ripped fuzzy bear and wake up groggy hours later being held in a completely used diaper and fleece pjs.....but alas I am spending the holiday with family🙃

Found the confidence and energy to make a twitter! I'm hoping the more positive exposure I gain the more comfortable and proud I will be as an ABDL. Please follow if you desire! I'll be posting old and new content alike, and new content will still be posted here. 💖

That Padded Patrick @PaddedPatrick

For the first time in a log time I doubled up. Boosted Galactic over a boosted PeekABU. It got pretty heavy and by the next morning I was struggling to walk.

Been on the road helping a friend deliver AbDL nursery furniture to abdls. A week ago I got to stay in someone’s crib.

This afternoon I went for a walk on the woods. That was when I arrived. Double diapers and was already feeling the thickness.
Only wish I had a cuter onesie.
Walked all afternoon like this :blobaww: :diaper:

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