🎒 🛏️ "Don't worry boy, your mom filled me in on your 'Special PJs' situation. I've already told Mark to put his old plastic sheet back on the bed so you don't ruin his mattress..."

"SON! Your BEDWETTER friend is here!" :diaper_wet: 🙈

Soggy diaper 

It ain’t easy keeping your diapers hidden when they are soaked from the night before! 😋

abu released a new size, "SMedium". Got to try them out, they are definitely bigger, and as I have 27" waist, they are actually wearable unlike the standard medium size.

Left: January 2019

Right: January 2020

One year can make a huge difference. While it doesn’t look like I’ll be ready for underwear anytime soon, my diapers do fit better now.

Real talk....do you think my friends will notice the diaper if I use my big boy briefs on top? That is, if I can ever get my shorts to button! :baby_dummy:

It’s been a little bit since I’ve taken new pics but most of what I post has been on Twitter so I’ll be sharing stuff I’ve posted there. If you use twitter and want to follow me there I’m @taro_taro92, go give me a follow. In the meantime sit tight for new content that’ll be in the works here very soon!

Here’s to my first post here. Have this a shot when it first became a thing and I was a bit intimidated but I feel like I can really get the hang of it this time 😊

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