Meet Captain James D. Foxy the III., conquerer of bedtime and terror of the seven puddles!

(Had some boring time to fill during work😅)

@BlueStar Aww, cute. And coloured perfectly within the lines. Good job 😊👍


@BlueStar With no help of the pack? Well you did very well * taps you on the shoulder and ruffles your hair * 😊🤗

@chwefror21 Yes! All on my own! They were super duper proud of me!
*lays on the back for tummy rubs*

@BlueStar Well you earned it * giving you more compliments while rubbing your tummy * 🤗🤗

@chwefror21 *starts purring* You´re hired too ... *wags tail*

@BlueStar for « Team Cuddles » ? 🤗 do I hear a certain foxy ? 🦊

@chwefror21 Your sailing under Captain Foxy now ... cos your tummy rubs are ... *purrs* ...
And we can have so many cuddles on the ship ... But we are Team Fox of course😝

Do I smell a certain biscuit on your pocket?🦊

@BlueStar where am I with my thoughts? * shakes his head, astonished by this level of absence of mind *, * rubs his eyes and sees clearly now * away we are, where to are we sailing ⛵️😊

@chwefror21 Hehe, it´s late already ;)
We´re sailing to the edges of the world, to lands where the sun rises in the west, to islands where the trees are blue and the water is purple, to places rich in treasures and snacks ... We will visit forrests of caramell, rivers of honey, and plains where the gras is covered in chocolate ... we will conquer the biggest puddles and the smallest ocean, we will even ship the mountain crests and icy plains.
We´ll go wherever the wind may lead us ;)

@BlueStar can somebody wake me up... * thinks he’s still dreaming * ...or not ☺️

@chwefror21 Better not wake him up ;)
*comes to you and lays on top of you to cuddle*

@BlueStar whath... , ohh, what’s going on? ...oh, hi foxy. * talks enthusiastically * dreamed about blue trees and purple water and endless snacks and cuddles and ... * yawns and want’s to continue dreaming *, * ...but the cuddles are so nice *, * doesn’t know what to do... yaws again * 🥱😊

@chwefror21 *yawn too* I´ll stay here and cuddle you all night *closes eyes and drifts away*

@BlueStar * crawls against you and puts an arm around you * storm can wake us u... 💤 * cuddles you while in half sleep * * falling vast asleep few minutes later * 🤗🤗🤗☺️

*wakes up to find @chwefror21 @BlueStar still cuddling up and asleep*

What a wonderful sight. Good thing we’ve got a magic bed and blankets that are always big enough for every little that wants to join

*yawns and crawls in, and falls asleep with you *

@Littleivo @BlueStar * opens one eye and yawns * 🥱 Oh, hi Ivo 😊 * cuddles you gently without waking you * 🤗🤗 * falls slowly back into half sleep * 😊😴

@Littleivo @BlueStar * opens his other eye and yawns * Oh, hi @jelle 😊 * cuddles you and snoozes a bit * ☺️🤗🤗 * I don’t want to get up yet... ☺️

@chwefror21 @Littleivo @jelle
*wakes up in big cuddle pile, hugs you all*
Awww, you´re always welcome to come and cuddle, Ivo & Jelle!
*had to get up, but covers you with the blanket again*

@BlueStar @Littleivo @jelle Hi Blue, slept well? Ssst, I think Ivo & Jelle are still sleeping☺️ * yawns *

@chwefror21 @Littleivo @jelle *speaks quitetly* Hey Chwefror ... *yawns* Yes, sleept good, but not enough (had to get up in time for more work) ;)
How about you?

@BlueStar @Littleivo @jelle I’m more than Ok. I had some work this weekend helping out a good friend in his restaurant. It was fun and for the first time in a long time I experienced flow in my work 😊 Surprisingly in the line of work I had renounced. Maybe that was the reason I was a bit fuzzy last night... ☺️

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