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Now if I had to tell you what diapers mean to me and what I feel when I wear them, this is best I can do... 😊❤️🤗

Wet Alpaca’s this morning… Time for changies and a lazy diapered Sunday afternoon * yawns *

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US warning: targeted killings and kidnappings in invasion of Ukraine - also of LGBTI (21.02.2022)

Are there (maybe queer/LGBT) people in the ABDL-group who have fled from Ukraine and need help?

Or someone who is (still) there and would like to talk about the situation on site?

Busy week, busy weekend. Relaxing on the couch with my little friends, watching Locke & Key on Netflix 🤗😀

He'll make it through the night says Drago and minky...

Ok, it's bedtime says Janus and Portunus...

Well, I'm not gonna argue with them 😇

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Lazy, rainy Sunday afternoon… Janus and Portunus say the soggy monster has not passed them (how could he, they’re the specialists 😉). Drago and Minky have their doubts however… 💧

I had some rather emotional and by time stressful weeks, but we are starting to feel comfortable in new temporary apartment .

Busy week… Busy weekend… Time for some little space ❤️ :diaper:

Well, Uhh, that was sometime ago. Sorry for that 😊

On turning a page in my life two new friends showed up. Meet Janus & Portunus... ❤️ My 'gatekeepers'. They're still a bit shy...

A proper little should have a proper stash 😊

Drago and Minky are really proud with their work. ❤️ I... I just helped a little bit 🤗

Preparing for an entry test for a training to become wind turbine engineer 👨‍💻 From home, so diapered off course 😊🤗

Was a long night, resulting in a completely wasted Safari. 🤗🤗

It was so hot in my room that at one point two hobbits came in and threw a ring in it... 🥵🥵

Meet Alf (short for Alfred). He can be a brat, but that depends on how you look at him ❤️ To get to know each other better we left for a little hike... 🥵 We had such great fun... 😊😅

While watching Dark s3e4 (comfortably diapered off course, to stay on topic 😂), my my ears perked when I heard this song from Israeli singer song writer Asaf Avidan. Uncommon voice and beautiful lyrics, in particular this song. ❤️ Just wanted to share, here you go... 🤗

On adventure in the backyard... Not for the faint-hearted 👻... Full moon 🌕 Brrr, better watch out for the sog monster... 💧Drago and Minky are hiding on my shoulder... 🙈🦖

Now if I had to tell you what diapers mean to me and what I feel when I wear them, this is best I can do... 😊❤️🤗

Oh nooos, woke up a bit wet. 😋🧽. You can see that I’m a back sleeper... 🤣

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