It's the morning after and it held up really well. I don't even need to change for awhile

My first time in a Little Rascals. So thick and comfy. Now I just need a local diaper friend to come snuggle with me ☺️

I was around family yesterday and I don't normally wear when I am. But I just got that overwhelming urge to be in a diaper so I put on a Tena so I could be discreet and spent all day flooding it in their presence. It felt so good and even turned me on a bit hehe 😈

"Is there no other option left, Dr. Matty?"
"I'm afraid not, Dr. Faye. The diaper is past its capacity. If we wait any longer, it might collapse and lead to a massive lost of fluids."
"But it is way too dangerous!"
"I know the risk is high, Dr. Rena, but we need to transplant a new diaper. Prepare the DCR. We need one layer AB-Pawsitive, and one cup of cream supracutaneously. Make haste, doctors!"

(They watched too much House MD lately. I'm glad I survived the procedure🤣)

Staying inside is the safest option we have during these strange and heavy times. Best way to get through is in relax mode if possible I guess.. Stay healthy everyone! 😊✌🏻

Old picture from my tumblr of me standing on the shores of Lake Tahoe

No daddy, I don't think.. littles just want to have fun and not think of what might happen. That's for bigs to take that responsibility, give us guidance, and, take care of all the littles needs and those silly little details.
We just want to run around freely and make you smile. 😁
In any case, as I showed previously, I was properly padded for Ni Ni. 😃

Mommy and i are moving in a house, so its not much space left for playing, but soons i have more space at the new place😁

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