Time for a new diaper for me! Hope you’re all having a wonderfully crinkly Sunday!

Hi All! I’ve been getting lots of rest while recovering from surgery. Barkley has been by me the entire time. I’m finally improving!! Hopefully, I’ll be lots and lots better by June 10th when TOMKAT starts. I’m so excited for diaper camp!!!

Barkley and I are heading off to sleep in the hospital. Tomorrow is a big day for this little boy!! I’m having very invasive exploratory surgery in the mid-morning with a whole team of doctors.

I’m scared but hopefully they’ll finally get some answers and can start making me feel more like my rambunctious self! Hugs to you all!!

Don’t worry! Barkley is here at the hospital with me. It’s been eleven incredibly frustrating days. Hopefully, today things will finally start to look up.

Barkley and I got to go for a ride through the hospital!

Barkley kept me company in the hospital overnight . They now have me on an IV with morphine. Yesterday was a scary day with lots of tests and one small surgery. In an hour or so, the team will meet and let me know what they plan to do next.

Since I couldn’t go scuba diving today due to being injured yesterday, I did a bubble bath instead!! The only thing is, the bubbles are above the tub door!!! I had better fix this before the adults get back and I get a spanking!!!

I just uploaded a new video to my YouTube channel!!

It's all about the new machine that Daddy brought home! Of course, the plushies and I found all kinds of silly ways to make it fun!


Changing out of my diaper in the locker room! Do you wear when going to your lockers? I think it’s good having that extra crinkle in your step!

I’m having a sleepover tonight!! Cuddles with crinkle friends are the best!!!

Waking up from this morning in a soggy ABU Space diaper. What did you wake up in today?

Barkley hugs!!! A while ago I was visiting @BoyRicky at the farm with Barkley. I'll be going back there in a few months and cannot wait to play in the sun with him again!! (oh, and I made this diaper cover that I'm wearing!!)

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Hello, everyone!

As you may have noticed, we tend to be a bit quiet on our media feeds in the periods between preparation and organization of the TOMKAT campout.

While our blog doesn’t appear to have been hit by the Tumblocalypse, that could change at any point.

We're still getting setup on this new platform.

Tonight, I got to go to the symphony here in Toronto!! They played the music to Star Wars which was AMAZING!! I told my plushies Alf, Carinae, and Galumph all about it when I got back!! (Alf is an alien, Carinae is a star dragon, and Galumph is..... well, we’re not sure but he loves sci-fi things). Anyway, have you ever been to the symphony? What is your favourite movie symphonic music?

I’m having a play date with my two good friends, @lostinaether and his boyfriend! He keeps us both thickly padded so we don’t leak on the couch. When was your last diapered play date?

I went camping on Antarctica and built a snow fort to sleep in! Penguins came to visit and looked in! Now, I've been camping on all seven continents! Have you ever slept in a snow fort before?

Being carried by a big is so wonderful, especially while visiting with super good friends and being able to be your little self!!!

I’m in bed but I’m having trouble getting to sleep cause tomorrow is a really big day for me!!! I’m super super super excited!!!!!!! How can a little boy go to sleep when tomorrow has big things and I cannot wait?

Cuddles with friends are the bestest!! The adults said that a grumpy person was making a speech tonight but we thought that watching “Captain Underpants” would be millions better! What do you think would be better to do?

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