@Gregor yup. Not sure how practical it really is to drink from, but great to build on

oh choices, I struggle even when between two! So, will it be a playdayz (with or without extra stuffer) or a Northshore?...

Thanks, I think that's a good summary. For me it took Acceptance and Commitment therapy to really shift my internal thinking. Like others this wasn't just about the AB part of me, but lots more. I think the passage of time (aka getting older πŸ˜€) also can add a new perspective. I'm not 'cured' but I have some ways of coping better now with the internal monologue.
@BlueStar @mikki @thatbabyboy

Shaving tip. Razor rash can be a big problem. My top tip is to use an antiseptic cream immediately after shaving. Obviously test a small area first when using a cream for the first time to check your skin sensitivity. Generic / shop brand creams are cheap and I find can really help this uncomfortable problem

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