So I ran out of storage space for padding as I had a couple of packs I don't usually pick to wear, so I put them all out on my bedside table and have been wearing continually since Wednesday. Have never worn for this long before, and I honestly thought I would be bored after the second day but have actually been enjoying the regular comfort. Now I'm wondering if I should at least make it a week 馃

I don't think I could do 24/7 for much longer than a week though. Current COVID situation has made this possible for me, although I'm more comfortable wearing around colleagues and vanilla friends now

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@james it鈥檚 well worth a go. Longest I鈥檝e been is two weeks 24/7. If you鈥檙e planning to go out, maybe worth getting a radar key!
The only thing I found was that i can鈥檛 be padded and do some of the things I enjoy, like ride a bike... but as long as it doesn鈥檛 interfere the. It鈥檚 fine!

@Littleivo wow, two weeks and you used them for everything? I can't imagine doing that much longer than a week

@james I should clarify I wasn鈥檛 messing in them. I was backpacking around the country though so it was very convenient, especially on days where I wouldn鈥檛 find a toilet to use!

@Littleivo ahh. I taped the toilet shut so I had to use them for everything 馃檲

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