So many pairs, and more than these, but still searching for the perfect pair of plastic pants...

Change of design of Drylife plastic pants. This is comparing size L. Material feels softer. Welded side seams instead of stitched. No soft edging to legs or waistband. Crotch width reduced by around 10cm and side seam by about 4cm. Colour is more noticeable. In picture new pair is on top. @nappiesrus @drylife

Been an adventure day. Ride on a steam train and explore a castle

Modern AB dilemmas. Will this nappy last me another online meeting, or should I change quickly beforehand?

A question. If you could only ever buy one type of nappy (e.g. ABU DinoRawz, M4s, Bambino Magnifico, etc.) from now on, which would it be? (Hope the idea doesn't give anyone nightmares!)

It's getting rather warm for wearing nappies! β›… πŸ”₯

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