Anyone who has tried the new little rawzs. Do they suffer the usual problem of high capacity nappies that once the bit between the legs is soaked they can leak long before the back gets used?

Friendly reminder to be polite and courteous to online sellers of ABDL products, and to everyone.

A lot of sellers on Etsy and eBay do a job that a lot of companies wouldn't risk taking.

Sometimes people make mistakes. I made an order and got the wrong size, eventually got it worked out with the seller. Please, for the sake of the community, be nice to these people.

It really breaks my heart when a seller tells me that I'm one of the few nice people out of many, and that so many people mean.

ABDL dilemmas #4 Had a nice day in nappies and then a mid afternoon bath. Now all nice and clean. Do I put another nappy on and have to wash again later, or shall I just enjoy the time I've had?

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