Off to see the Summer Exhibition at Royal Academy of Arts today. Thick padding required!

It's a bit warm for thick nappies, but maybe if I don't wear anything else ...

I'd love some US prefold flats, but shipping is soooo 'spensive to old blighty ๐Ÿค”

Sometimes you order a new brand or style of nappy and they don't quite live up to your expectations. For me it's the ABU preschool cloth backed (I know others do love them). Have you been disappointed in a particular dispo nappy?

Off to Warwick uni tomorrow to do some teaching for the rest of the week. Wondering whether to take some nappies to relax in at the hotel in the evenings.

Even when he needs to go to the shop he can't take his thick nappy off. He has to squeeze into his tight shorts. His shirt isn't long enough to hide the nappy bulge no matter how hard he pulls it down.

As he was getting to work from home, bilbo knew he'd have to spend the day in thick cloth nappies. He got to wear a shirt but no shorts. His teddies would keep him company.

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