Fairly nerdish, but I done a spreadsheet on nappy costs of ones I've tried. This is UK prices with 20% tax added. It would be interesting to add what point the nappy starts to leak, or no longer gives you confidence. Bigger numbers don't automatically mean a better nappy! I'm slightly unsure on some of the absorbancy numbers but these are what I could find on the net. If you know different, let me know. The table is ordered by the cost per 100ml. This is for medium size and buying per pack.

Whilst there are lots of great colours and patterns available, sometimes I think the plain white bodysuit gives me the best feeling.

It was only a two hour drive. Clearly not going to get out of nappies any time soon.

Sending festive thoughts to all in the ABDL.link community. For those who are excited, I wish you a joyous time. For those who find this time of year difficult, I send my hugs. Merry Christmas.

Out shopping. Might have something else in my bag, just in case I'm out for a while...

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