It has been been a wonderful Saturday. Did you have fun today? I hope you did, little ones. Don't forget to eat something and drink fluids please? Be good kiddos, pick up after yourself and let's get ready for tomorrow!

It's almost time for bed little ones, don't forget to put on your pajamas. You don't want to get cold do you? Don't worry, that nice warm blanket will help. Oh and don't forget your favorite stuffie.

Wow, you made it to hump day, what a great job. Only two more days to go.

Good afternoon little ones. Although the weekend is almost over I hope you had fun. Don't forget to do your chores, you can do it, I believe in you.

I'm so impressed little ones, you did an amazing job. You made it to Friday and, oh, now it's Saturday and you can relax. Don't forget to drink lots of liquids and have a good meal.

You all did a wonderful job today, if you are like me I hope you get to go see family tomorrow for thanksgiving.

Wow little ones, it's already Wednesday. You've done a good job, keep up the good work and it will soon be your favorite day, Friday. You can do it!

Good morning kiddos, it's Tuesday but it's not so bad. It's time to wake up and stretch those arms and legs out. Don't forget to grab your big kid bottle before you go to daycare.

Good morning little ones, I know it's Monday but you can do it. Let's put on our big kid pants and have a little gogo juice and win the day.

Hello little ones, I hope you've enjoyed your weekend. Let's start the new week with a smile.

Yay, you did it. You all made it to Friday and now it's Saturday. Good job 🙂. Have the bestest weekend everyone.

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