Need to thank @NappiesRUs and @ABUDiapers for there fast service and they have made one little very very happy.Can not wait to go to bed tonight all snuggled up in my nappies and PJ’s

Morning routine night nappy pulled off waiting for daddy time to jump in the shower

Spent my day with daddy today and had a fantastic day. To just be put to bed in his cot was just a bus

Been a while since I've worn a footed sleeper. Forgot how much I enjoy wearing these things.

Ready for another night in padded bliss and the morning in soggy world. Live as a bedwetter. Nappy and waterproof sheet who else at night knows that feeling

These bad boys are due to hit the shelves for summer, could you,would you 😲😲😲

😂😂😂 We wouldn't wear them but we love em 😂😂😂

Happy adult baby 👶🏻 day little ones 🍼👶🏻

When you playing with crib toys waiting for dada to let you out and change you

Good little bedwetters go to bed with there padding all nice and dry then wake up all nicely warm and soggy between there legs for breakfast

All the Christmas food and drink finally reached it destination. Boxing Day bliss nothing better than waking up in a dry bed but my space pants taking full control. Bring on 2019. All I need now is a full time Mommy or Daddy to take control. Merry Christmas all my littles friends

bedwetting boy1 getting ready for bed. onesie,nappy and some warm tights. All good little bedwetting boys should be dressed for bed this way

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