Off to see Star Wars. A space onesie is definitely called for. And dinosaurs are also from a long time ago so they fit the theme too! ^.^

PS changing at work is fun

Keep forgetting to post these. I was a bit naughty and put my tree up early in November ^.^

Had so much fun decorating, I didn’t even realise I needed to go until it was too late. Good job I was wearing protection!

Not too long until Santa pays a visit~


‪I went to see Frozen 2 last night in this bad boy, and this is how it looks this morning. Super squishy feelings ^.^ Now I just need to find someone to change me!‬

🤧🤧 i have the flu and am now stuck at home with no daddy to help change me and my nose is runny and I'm craankyyyy 😢

Going to be in NYC for a few days in November! Anyone know of any cool hangouts for ABDLs? Or does anyone want to have a touristy day of exploring with me?

No matter how hard this boy tries. He always ends up with a wet diaper after a road trip. :diaper_wet: :dummy_blue:

"As you can see, our frat house restoration is really moving quickly, thanks to our most dedicated membership candidates."

"Diaper check time! Drop those shorts, Pledge!"

here's a variation on one of the most popular posts on my former Tumblr blog. :dummy: it had over 3,500 reblogs. let's see how it goes here.

When your diaper is so soaked the poor onesie starts to struggle staying shut :nappy_wet: 😇

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