I’ve gotten to wear so much during the quarantine! It’s been so good. Unfortunately too good! This was me waking up in my last diaper yesterday.

My current stash of diaper abdl clothing.. what am I missing?! Please let me know :)

First time trying the ABU diaper stickers. Pretty cool way to make an all white diaper a little cuter 😊

It’s a beautiful day! Hanging outside for a little while after I woke up!!

I’m supposed to wear the Crinklz Aquanauts in the bath right??

If anyone has any ideas or suggestions for future pictures feel free to message me!

Might be the super dry kid diaper but it is very much not super dry!

If you’re looking for a new diaper to try and have Amazon Prime. Pull the trigger on these!! They’re called Forsite Under the Sea and they are amazing. Hold 4980 ml, super cute, thick, extremely comfy and they fit really really well!

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