Hello littles and bigs! I was wondering if anyone had input/advice on telling a vanilla significant other about diapers. We have been together for almost two years and I’m still unsure how or if I should tell her. Please help! Dm me :)

First nighttime diaper in a while!! Super soaked 👶

Any of my friends in the Houston, Tx area?

This is what happens when you wake up soaked and choose to go out and run some errands without first changing. You end up stuck in a gas station bathroom, absolutely flooded, on the verge of leaking, trying to convince yourself you have to stay in it longer because your forgot to bring a diaper bag.

Just finished a long round of zombies on call of duty. Fresh diaper at the beginning, fully soaked at the end!

Is anyone out there that can change me??

I’m always driving around diapered with my shorty pulled down a little hehe :)

Dying to try the ABU DinoRawz!!! They look so dang cute!

If I have to get a spanking can I please keep my diaper on, pretty please!!

Take my word for it! This diaper is way more soaked than it looks.

I think it’s fair to wake up in a princess diaper the morning after Halloween!

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