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So far, nobody has mentioned my quarantine self-haircut, so I guess I did okay 🤪

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Little boy logic: “If I don’t wear pants, my cute new sweater isn’t too hot to wear during summer. Pooh does it all the time!”

Sorry I haven’t been very active for the last couple months. I’m still here, still padded, just feeling lazy. Here’s a quick, somewhat sleepy, selfie of me in bed from this morning. I’ll be back to my usual photos again soon!

I only wear this outfit on Easter - perhaps you’d like to be the one to dress me up in it next year?

I’m still looking for a Daddy or Mommy who’s more interested in diapering and babying this boy than taking him to bed, and always taking applications:

A video version of my guide to making custom diapers! You might need to pause it to read everything. It’s 18+ just to be safe, so you’ll probably need to be logged in to watch. I’m sure there is a typo in there, but I think I did okay for a baby.

Quick selfie of today’s work from home outfit and desk buddy - okay, so it’s not much of an outfit but I’m so happy to be back to walking around “the office” in just a shirt and diaper that I can’t be bothered with pants at the moment.

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